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The dashboard acts as a control panel allowing you to manage your fleet of ColourSPI's in real-time. The device allows licensed users to remotely interrogate any of the ColourSPI IOT devices, reset the alarm system, monitor the screen output, or determine whether an engineer visit is required to investigate the failure.

IOT Accessibility

Our system developers have designed our new IOT sensor to produce reports utilising the very latest in IOT technology, thus transmitting total scalable, remote, real-time data to licensed recipients, regardless of where they are in the world.


Proof of Display Sensor

Detects levels of the light emitted from any signage panel whilst monitoring over 100 light measurements per second, providing real-time proof of display. It will raise a report/send an email if the panel ceases to deliver an output.

Remote Audit Feature

As the system is totally scalable, an audit can be achieved of the whole digital signage estate. There is absolutely NO limit to the amount of panels that can be remotely monitored or audited.

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