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About us

Intelligent, Innovative, Designs and Solutions

STEM is an innovative design company at the forefront of light-sensing technology that has a passion for problem-solving.

STEM aims to make customers' designs and ideas a reality whilst using our sister company Phoenix Systems UK’s 20 years of manufacturing expertise to make sure that all designs are suitable for production from a price and practicality point of view.

About is

Stem's 4 Pillars 

4 Pillars
Pheonix Systems Final Re-colour & Full E


From conception to creation we are here to work with you from the outset.



We will work with you to make your vision a reality.

Close Up PCB'S Bonjorfilm-26.jpg


As ideas can grow, they can also change, and we are here to help support and drive improvements and efficiencies throughout the process.

Pheonix Systems Final Re-colour & Full E


 With 20 years of manufacturing experience, our sister company, Phoenix Systems UK, brings an invaluable level of experience to the process and is able to fulfil all your future growth plans.


Proof of Display Sensor

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